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Clinical Psychology (PSYD) New Brunswick

  U.S. Non-U.S.
Fall 2024 Dec 1, 2023 Dec 1, 2023
Fall 2025 Dec 1, 2024 Dec 1, 2024

Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology

Program Requirements

Three letters of recommendation, official transcripts, personal statement, and current CV.

Applicants are restricted from applying to more than one (1) doctoral psychology program in New Brunswick each term. Applying to more than one program may significantly delay your application.

Send all paperwork to Graduate Admissions. Application process is completed online

Personal Statement Instructions

Please submit a personal statement describing your experiences related to, and your commitment to, pursuing a career in clinical psychology with a doctor of psychology degree (Psy.D.) degree. Page length: 1.5-2 pages approximately 750 – 1000 words. *Please note that personal statements more than 2 pages may not be reviewed.*