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Education: Education, Culture, and Society (EDD and Nondegree)

  U.S. Non-U.S.
Summer 1/15
Merit-Based Aid 2/1

Graduate School of Education

Program Requirements

EDM applicants:
1. Personal statement.
2. Three letters of recommendation.
3. Undergraduate and graduate transcripts.

EDD applicants:
1. Personal statement.
2. Three letters of recommendation. One letter of recommendation is expected from a supervisor or former supervisor and one from a professor, or a former professor, or someone who can assess the candidate's potential for academic work.
3. EDM applicants: official undergraduate transcripts. EDD applicants: official undergraduate and graduate transcripts.

No decision of admission can be processed less than 2 weeks before the beginning of the semester.

Test Requirements

EDM applicants: no test requirement.
EDD applicants: GRE General (waived for summer 2021 applications)

Personal Statement Instructions

Please answer the following questions in your personal statement:

Write a statement that expresses why you are applying to the Rutgers' Education, Culture, and Society program/concentration:

What experience do you bring that will help you succeed in the program and that will also be of benefit to other students?

(Ed.D. applicants only) How will participating in this program advance your career?

Program Questions

Please describe one experience in your professional life where you made a major contribution. What did you do and why? What helped or hindered you, and what were the outcomes?

(Ed.D. applicants only) Please list all state certifications you have earned, including the year and the state.

(Ed.D. applicants only) Please provide a substantial sample of what you consider to be your best writing from a graduate level program (master's/prior doctoral) or from your professional work. You should upload the document to your application at the "Upload Supporting Materials" link on the Graduate Admissions website. Please title the document "lastname.writing sample".


Please see our GSE website for step-by-step instructions on how to apply and application requirements specific to each program.