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Computer Science (PHD and Nondegree)

  U.S. Non-U.S.
Fall 1/1 1/1

School of Graduate Studies

Areas of Concentration

Algorithms, Architecture, Complexity, Computational Biomedicine and Bioinformatics, Computer Networks, Cyber Physical Systems, Data Science, Databases, Distributed Systems, Graphics, Machine Learning, Mobile Computing, Natural Language Processing, Networking, Operating Systems, Programming Languages and Compilers, Robotics, Security and Cryptography, Social Networks, Software Engineering, Vision

Program Requirements

Personal statement, uploaded unofficial copies of transcripts for review, and three letters of recommendation. Official transcripts will be required if offered admission.

Test Requirements

GRE General

Program Questions

Which faculty members or research labs at Rutgers are you most interested in working with? List up to three.

For each of the questions below, please enter "Y" if you have taken any of the following courses, otherwise enter "N".

Programming Language - Java (Y/N):

Programming Language - Python (Y/N):

Programming Language - C/C++ (Y/N):

Programming Language - Unix/Linux Shell (Y/N):

Programming Language Course - Software Engineering (Y/N):

Programming Language Course - Web Technologies (Y/N):

Programming Language Course - Networks (Y/N):

Programming Language Course - Mobile Apps (Y/N):

Computer Course - Database (Y/N):

Computer Course - Operating Systems (Y/N):

Computer Course - Data Structures (Y/N):

Computer Course - Algorithms (Y/N):

Mathematics Course - Linear Algebra (Y/N):

Mathematics Course - Discrete Math (Y/N):

Mathematics Course - Calculus (Y/N):

Mathematics Course - Statistics and Probability (Y/N):

Please enter the number of years of professional industry experience you have:

Please enter the number of years of professional research experience you have:

Please enter a digit from 1 - 5 to evaluate the education you received from your previous institution. Use the following scale:

1 - Low Educational Value
3 - Average Educational Value
5 - High Educational Value