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Statistics (MS and Nondegree)

  U.S. Non-U.S.
Fall 5/1 3/1
Merit-Based Aid 12/1

School of Graduate Studies

Program Requirements

Personal statement, official transcripts, and three letters of recommendation. The PhD program is designed to be joined in the fall. Nondegree see footnote below.

Test Requirements

GRE General Required. GRE Math subject test for PhD strongly recommended.

Personal Statement Instructions

The personal statement provides you with an opportunity to tell the admissions committee about your background, your reasons for wishing to pursue a graduate degree in statistics at Rutgers, and your career objectives upon graduation. It may also include a description of special situations you wish the admissions committee to consider.

Program Questions

Our program offers three tracks: Biostatistics, Quality and Productivity Management, and Data Mining. We also offer the option of a general degree without any track. Students who select the Data Mining track need additional prerequisites in Computer Science. Please indicate (Yes/No) whether you wish to be considered for the Data Mining track.


Non-Degree applicants: Require a transcript showing two semesters of calculus, or one senior level undergraduate statistics course, equivalent to Rutgers 640:151-2 or 96:401 respectively, or more.