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Master of Applied Psychology (MAP)

  U.S. Non-U.S.
Spring 11/30 11/30
Fall 7/30 7/30

Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology

Areas of Concentration

Addiction Counselor Training (ACT), Alcohol Studies, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), General

Program Requirements

* Personal statement
* Two letters of recommendation
* Undergraduate and graduate transcripts
* Minimum GPA 3.0 in undergraduate or associate degree transcripts
* Prerequisites: General Psychology, Statistics, one additional Psychology elective

Personal Statement Instructions

Applicants should develop a personal statement that clearly articulates a good fit between their educational and professional development trajectory, and the program to which they are applying.

1. Introduction: Program and concentration to which you are applying.

2. Brief summary of prior experiences related to psychology, if any.

3. What draws you to learn more about this area of Psychology?

4. What do you hope to gain from completing this program and how does it fit in with your professional goals?

5. What makes you a good candidate for acceptance into this program

6. Summary and closure