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Global Affairs (MS and Nondegree)

  U.S. Non-U.S.
Spring 1/1 11/1
Fall 8/1 6/1

Graduate School - Newark

Program Requirements

Prospective students, both M.S. and Ph.D. applicants, should submit their official college or university transcripts, GRE scores (optional), three letters of recommendation, a curriculum vitae or resume, a personal bio, a writing sample, and a personal statement explaining why the student has chosen to study Global Affairs at DGA as part of their application.

Please include a brief personal bio of yourself depicting educational background, work experience, academic and career goals, areas of interest, and any other relevant information.

Students are required to submit a writing sample on any topic (minimum 5 pages, no maximum). This can be an academic or professional paper that demonstrates your writing skills, analytic ability and breadth of knowledge.

PhD applicants are only accepted on a full time basis. MS or Non Degree students may study on a part time basis.

Test Requirements

Optional - GRE General.

Personal Statement Instructions

Your personal statement should describe why you chose DGA; what you would hope to accomplish while at DGA and upon graduation; any specific faculty member who brought you to our program and why; and any specific issue you want us to know regarding your application.

Program Questions

PhD Students: What will your area of interest be within our program? Is there a particular faculty member that you have chosen to work with while obtaining your PhD?

What do you plan to do with your MS or PhD once received from Global Affairs?

Have you ever seen an advertisement for the Program? If so, where was this advertisement?

How did you find out about the Global Affairs Graduate Program at Rutgers University - Newark Campus?

Did you attend a recruiting event in which Global Affairs was a participant?

Have you used the DGA website? How informative was it? What areas of the website were worthwhile? What areas were not? Would you recommend any changes to the website?